Overview of Selenium Tool and Techniques

Overview of Selenium Tool and Techniques

Selenium is the best software testing open-source automation testing tool. Selenium tool is an Apache 2.0 Licensed. This blog will deeply explain the Overview of Selenium Tool and Techniques. Selenium tool is one of the best automation testing tools forever. Nowadays, selenium is the best testing tool for all web applications. It supports the different operating system to test the web application. Compare to other testing tools Selenium is more fast, reliable, and easy to test the web applications. These scripts are runs on all browsers. For installing the Selenium tool, we need JDK file to install the IDE. Selenium Training in Chennai will provide installation knowledge and ideas about the Selenium IDE.

Basics of the Selenium Tool

Selenium IDE is a very simple framework. And Selenium tool was very easy to learn and it is a simple JavaScript. If we know the JavaScript it is very easy to learn. The Selenium tool plugins support the Firefox. So, the installation is very easy to lean and it is very helpful for the web automation testing. Selenium supports the different platforms like PHP, Python, Java, C#, and Perl. Selenium is highly extensible. Other testing tools have the limited extensible. Selenium tools have supported the more add-ons. Also, it was designed for supports all Operating system. The Selenium execution is very parallel. Selenium tool supported the all mobile devices. So, it can run on the web and mobile applications. Selenium Training Institute in Chennai more basics and a brief introduction of the Selenium tool.

Remote Control

The remote controller is the main in the Selenium tool. It is used to sustainable the web Driver in a long time. Remote Controller is used to writing and read the files. It tests the powerful languages like C#, PHP, Python, Perl, and Java. Selenium Remote Controller is used to maintain the web driver and its web applications. Selenium comments are used to write in the JavaScript file. Selenium Training Chennai offers the more guidance of the Selenium Remote controller.

The scope of the Selenium Tool

Selenium has the more scope for the career. If we know the Selenium it will provide the more career opportunities and career improvements in the Software Testing field. Selenium tool was changed in the software testing field. Selenium is changed the manual testing into the automation testing. It is the new of the automation testing. It will change the testing world in the software testing market world. If you know the Selenium testing tool you will easily step into the software testing world. Selenium Online Course provide the more scope and career opportunities of the Selenium tool.

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