Difference between functionality based testing and performance based testing

Difference between functionality based testing and performance based testing

The functionality testing is about correcting the functions if they are wrong, understand the user side problems, track the error, and support the agile development processes. Join the LoadRunner Training in Chennai to get the dream job in Chennai. Performance testing is used to reduce the cost, workflow, load management, and visualization. Functionality testing is checking the particular function of the system whereas the performance testing is about comparing the performance of two systems. Some of the parameters to know about the software tools are the purpose of the tool, the processor activity of the tool, the type of testing used, the licensing details of the software like open source, freeware and commercial, and the technology used etc. LoadRunner Training  is the best training to enter into the testing domain. Below I have explained clearly on the Difference between functionality based testing and performance based testing

Benefits of using load runner and QTP are

  1. Load testing can be integrated with IDE, junit, nunit, jenkins, selenium and micro soft visual studio. QTP Training in Chennai provides in-depth syllabus coverage to train intensively.
  2. The software reduces the time for checking the load of the user transactions.
  3. Provide the bottlenecks in the seamless process of the application and the coding.
  4. The process of the load runner is planning for the test, VUGen scripts creation, scenario creation, scenario execution and results analysis.
  5. QTP helps to refer the screen object properties.
  6. The option of record and playback is helpful to do the testing for many times.
  7. The screen object and the object identification in QTP is the best one.
  8. It supports different programming languages like Oracle, java, SAP, dot net, and web forms.
  9. It supports the popular automation frameworks.
  10. It comes with an inbuilt IDE.
  11. QTP supports the XML format.
  12. The maintenance of QTP software is very easy. UFT Training in Chennai provides flexible timing for the students and working professionals.
  13. Maintenance of smoke, regression, and sanity is very easy with the QTP software.


The usage of QTP and Load runner has different purposes. The knowledge required for the QTP and Load runner is the C language. All the testing tools such as selenium, QTP and load runner requires the minimum level of the programming knowledge. Selenium is the open source software whereas QTP is easy to learn. For the web application selenium or UFT both are used depending upon the cost and the size of the business. web load, loadUI NG pro, smartmeter.io, load view, apache Jmeter, load runner, Appvance, neoload, loadcomplete, WAPT, loadster, loadimpact, rational performance tester, testing anywhere, open STA, Qengine, loadstorm, cloudtest and Httperf are some of tools in the year 2018 for load testing or performance testing.

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