How to speed up your website?

How to speed up your website

The website should load at very good speed as it is very important from the UX point of view as well as from the SEO point of view.  The website speed has a big role to play in the performance of the website. So the point is how to enhance your website’s speed? Web designing course in Chennai states that below are the following methods by which you can boost your website’s speed.

  • Loading time

Loading time is the speed at which the files present on your website download all the elements from the server to show the results to the users. There are primarily two reasons for the low loading time namely the internet speed and the size of the files present o the website. The developer cannot do anything about the first problem but he can surely fix the second problem.  All the files uploaded on the website should be compressed especially the images. The videos should be embedded as this saves a lot of loading time which would enhance the sites performance on the web.

  • Processing time

Processing time depends on the code which you have used to develop the website. All the data is processed and rendered and after this process only the user gets to see what all files are present in the element. For this to go on smoothly you should definitely know to code professionally? If you do still not know to code joining Web Designing Training in Chennai would serve the purpose.

  • Speeding up your CSS

Your CSS deals with the look and feel of the website. Adding CSS codes can enhance your websites design, but there is risk of website getting slower. Using CSS for can be for anything like adding detail to the content adding media files, adding graphics anything. The coding part should be transparent so that the website’s speed doesn’t get affected.


To conclude the above mentioned are the major parts where the site’s speed can be enhanced. There are many other factors but these are the major important factors which play an important role.  To get aware of all the factors visit the best web design training in Chennai.

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