Are Java skills required to learn Hadoop?

Of course, Java skills are mandatory to learn Hadoop. It runs on Linux, knowing some Linux commands will help to get a successful career in Hadoop. It is built in Java and it is popular one which helps to store and maintain our data with high security. Get to know how helpful the Hadoop is, Hadoop Training in Chennai will be the best choice to learn Big Data Hadoop.

Day by Day big data analytics is innovating new one with advanced features. Learning Big Data technology like Spark or Hadoop is always giving great benefits to you. Professionals from various educational backgrounds such as Statistics, Mathematics, Electronics and Physics can excel their career in Hadoop.

Map Reduce

Map Reduce is a framework which helps to write applications that process large data sets using parallel and distributed algorithm. Generally, Map Reduce has two functions, they are.

  1. Map Function

Map Function performs actions like sorting, grouping and filtering.

  1. Reduce Function

Reduce Function aggregates the result produced by map function.

Skills to become a Hadoop administrator or Developer

Opportunities in Hadoop domain are always high. Hadoop is developed from Java, mostly 67% Hadoop developers are from Java background. Remaining developers are from .NET and PHP background.

Apache Hadoop is completely built on Java framework, if are interested to work in Hadoop domain can reach over at Hadoop Training Chennai.

Why is Big Data mandatory?

For the past few years, it was difficult to store and maintain our records in a safe way. But now the technology has grown up with advanced features. Big Data is a trending one and it helps to manage all our data. Floppy Disk has very limited space so many of them don’t comfortable with that.

Now maintaining huge data is highly possible and the organizations want to improve their data cluster, so they are hiring the professionals that who have knowledge in Hadoop and Big Data.

Data Agility and its importance

Hadoop helps to store and process the large volume of data. But now we are expecting to share the data in a very fast manner. With Data agility, an individual can extract the data and translate the information into action.

Executives need to focus their business, also they need to respond to changes in market conditions, operations, customer preferences, etc. Learn today and get a Hadoop certification. Having a Hadoop affirmation will helpful to land a good job.

Hadoop Modules

  1. MapReduce
  2. HDFS
  3. Hadoop Common
  4. YARN

Learn and build your career in Big Data Hadoop with the support of Big Data Course in Chennai. Nearly, 1000+ students got to benefit from this institute once completing training from this institute will definitely helpful. Reach over here and learn everything.

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