Top 5 Java Frameworks 2017

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Vaadin is a web framework that allows developers to write the complete app with less coding. This framework uses Google JavaScript and it represents the UI in the browser. Vaadin gives a rich internet client interface with standard features. Page refreshing and Column sorting are the best examples of Vaadin. CSS, HTML and JavaScript knowledge is mandatory to develop the web. IntelliJ, Netbeans and Eclipse are highly supported for web development process. Additionally, Vaadin offers Visual Designer. An individual who needs to develop the web in a short duration can approach Struts Training in Chennai , specialists approach is helpful to learn the coding. Vaadin mainly focuses on server-side Java Programming, it also includes UI testing tools and native Smartphone.

Spring MVC

Spring MVC is a Java-based application which is highly helpful for web development. New versions have been launched recently. Java is considered as a trusted programming language and it helps to build the web and app with great features. Java Frameworks are used for lots of features, learn more about Java Framework via Spring Training in Chennai. It supports on various platforms and forums.

Oracle ADF

It is an end-to-end framework which helps to simplify the app development process. It covers the whole application advancement process like data connectivity to the variety of data sources. It incorporates the segments. No other structure is required to make an entire endeavor application.

Spring Boot

It follows a convention before configurations concept. A starter package includes AppServer, a user can develop the program as without any set-up.

Generally, Spring boot uses all the features of Spring Projects. This approach is mainly focusing on project development process and that depends on microservice architectures.

Pros of Spring Boot
1. Simple Java Application helps to find the errors.
2. Spring Boot is easy to set-up.

Java Server Faces

It describes a web framework which helps to create the app. Java ServerPages (JSP) belongs to technology stack Java EE. JSF is an MVC framework which helps to build the Servlet API. It can also be used in various technologies like Facelets, web development, etc.

Hibernate ORM helps developers to develop simple Java web application with different database. Learn the latest updates on Java, Hibernate Training in Chennai is the best place to learn about web development. Reach over at FITA Academy, and get a great career in MNC companies with high salary package.

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