Types And Advantages Of Ethical Hacking

Advantages of ethical hacking


Getting access to an account or system which does not belong to you is considered as hacking. For an instant, signing into a Gmail account to which you do not have a password, controlling a system without user permission, gathering data that is highly confidential is considered hacking. There are more effective ways are available to hack a system. Ethical Hacking Online Course provides brief info on the types and advantages of ethical hacking.

In early 1960, the First hacking event was carried out successfully in the place of MIT, and concurrently the word Hacker was established.

Introduction Of Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is also can be termed, Whitehat Hacking. It involves an approved try to get access to a data or system. Ethical hacking helps to enhance the protection of the computer software and networks by solving the threat encountered during testing.

Ethical hackers play a major part in the security advancement of a company. They utilize the same tools, methods, and procedures which is used by spiteful hackers, but ethical hackers get the approval before proceeding a hacking event. The ultimate aim of ethical hacking is to increase security and to protect the computer from intrusion by suspected users.

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Let’s Look Out The Types of Types Of Ethical Hacking

Depending upon the purpose, Hacking is categorized into five different types. They are

Network Hacking: In this hacking, collecting data about a network with the intention to harm the network operation and disrupting its operations using different hacking tools such as Ping, Tracert, etc.

Website hacking means doing unapproved access across a web server, database and doing changes in the database.

Computer hacking is related to Computers login in without user permission and gathering data from the system like system user ID and passwords by deploying hacking techniques.

  • Password hacking: It is the method of retrieving confidential passwords from a database that already exists computer system.
  • Email hacking: Illegal sign-in into the Email account and using it without the user license.

These are the types of ethical hacking available in this field.

Advantages of Hacking

There are many important advantages of hacking:

  1. It is mainly used to retrieve the loss of data, particularly when you lost your login credentials.
  2. It helps to make penetration testing to improve the reliability of the system and network.
  3. It helps to examine how great security is on the network.


In this blog, We discussed the role of ethical hackers and the Types And Advantages Of Ethical Hacking. To know more about ethical hacking concepts and techniques, Step into Ethical Hacking Course in Coimbatore for the best learning experience.