The Core Concepts And Key Steps Of Selenium With Java

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             Java is a famous and robust programming language tool. This is often and commonly executed in the field of Information Technology (IT). Specialists in Java programming are in high demand in the IT field. If you can code automation scripts in Java. That will make you a specialty to any quality assurance testing team. There are many Java discussion forums like message boards the online tool that support Java programmers in need of a solution for a problem. Learn Selenium with Java, cause it is a great combination that will make any quality support tester effective in his performance especially on an automation project.

History Of Java, Selenium

                 Jason Huggins is the main mind behind the development of Selenium with Java. He used his thought process and tested his tools into various browsers. From there he develops a tool that works by injecting JavaScript beneath the webpage and leaving the tester to inscribe code that easily ‘automate’ front-end user interactions. Lately, this software became the JavaScript TestRunner.

                  To eliminate the need for JS-injections wide usage, he and his friends develop the server component in Java and the original client-side driver (TestRunner) gets ported to Ruby. This is the original Selenium often Known as Driven Selenium or Selenium B.

Core Concepts

Core Concepts to learn Java for selenium

  1. OOPS, Concept includes object, and class, inheritance, abstraction, and polymorphism. 
  2. File handling
  3. Collecting the Framework
  4. Constructor Methods and
  5. Feature Class

These are the main concepts in java to use selenium with java. If you like these concepts then enroll in Selenium with Java Training to become a testing professional. While using Selenium web driver in Java. The open-source support many languages and frameworks. Under the process, you need to focus on Java Strings, Access, Modifiers, Loops, Arrays, etc.,

Key steps

 When you create Functions in WebDriver using Eclipse IDE it includes five main key steps, they are 

1. Build an individual Package and Class for Functioning the 192 Test Automation Using Selenium webdriver with Java

2. Then Create Function definition and send any required Java libraries in class

 3. Combine steps to functions based on the function’s objective 

4. Substitute any data within functions with arguments from that function

 5. Within the script, import Functions Package and Extend class to use the function. 


                        Java with Selenium is becoming the most functioning software in IT and Non-IT. Research reveals that Java with selenium jobs is in great demand. Getting a certification definitely enhances your career. To get a wide career opportunity. Join Selenium with Java course at FITA Academy.