Oracle Open World 2018

Oracle Training in Chennai

Oracle Open World is a yearly tradition for business chiefs and IT administration. EPM cloud test has been launched on Jan 5, 2018. Oracle HCM offers a powerful solution to the workforce, it also helps to unlock your business in the short span of time. Every business needs a cloud support today, join us for Oracle Training in Chennai and make your career in Oracle Cloud domain. Oracle HCM Analytics helps to manage reports, workforce trends, etc. Enrol now at FITA Academy for Oracle courses.

Allocate time and build new things

Build some business applications in an easier way using cloud services. Oracle Cloud Platform allows developers to build their business in an easy way. It helps to develop the new leading-edge apps or it easily moves from on premises. An Oracle Cloud Platform for app development allows businesses to develop and meet the modern app development demands. Usually, developers integrate back and front-end services which help to build the modern apps daily. Data services combine your applications together.

Modern apps are composed of many languages such libraries, frameworks, etc. It includes Java SE to Node.js, PHP, Java EE, Python, JRuby, etc. Modern application development is suitable for both mobile and web application, it includes the container and microservice app using Docker. Moving applications to the cloud are helping to improve the app speed. Oracle Cloud makes testing, app development and deployment easy. Get start to learn Oracle through Oracle course in Chennai. Experts assist you to become a master in this field.

Cloud-native applications: Cloud application support for lots of languages, with this an individual can create their own mobile and web applications.

Shift your applications to the cloud: Get the flexibility and run your applications with cloud support.

Testing: Build the app and test the coding before launching into the market store.

Oracle 18 is going to release in 2018. For the past years, Oracle is started to work with different versions, it is identified by sequential numbers. Every version has additional features and it helps to find the bug.


PL/SQL is a niche programming language which helps to write code inside the Oracle database. The daily responsibilities of SQL include writing programs, queries and functions in order to manipulate the structure of a database using Structured Query Language (SQL). It helps to generate reports by others. PL/SQL developers can work with Oracle database, they also work with MySQL server.

PL/SQL is not a standard programming language, it allows you to type PL/SQL and SQL statements at the command prompt. To run this programs a user need to install the Oracle RDBMS Server which will help you execute SQL commands.

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