Why use the R programming language?

Why use the R programming language?

Why use the R programming language?

R programming is applied as the best tool for machine learning, statistics, and the investigation of data. It can quickly generate functions, Objects, and packages. R is platform-independent so that it can use in each operating system. And it is also an Opensource language so that it can install in companies without any permit. This Programming language is growing day by day. Learn R Programming Training in Chennai, at FITA Academy, and gain more knowledge. Here in this blog, we explained the Why use the R programming language?.    

Features of r programming language

Analytical Features of R: 

Necessary Statistics: 

The fundamental statistics terms are mode, mean and median. These are known as “Duration of Central Tendency”. Applying the R programming language, we can combine the required course very quickly.

Static graphics

R is loaded with tools for designing and producing exciting static graphics. R includes functionality for various plan models including mosaic plots, biplots, and graphic plots, etc…

Data analysis

Data analysis produces an extensive, combined, and united group of devices for an information report.

Programming Features of R Programming 

R Sets: 

The important characteristic of R is it has extensive availability of buildings. R programming has CRAN, it has a depository containing higher than 10, 0000 cases. 

Distributed Computing

Distributed computing is a form in which elements of a software method are distributed between various computers to increase productivity and production.

Advantages of R:  

  • R Programming is the most extensive analytical report combination. 
  • R programming is open-source. So that R programming can run at any time anywhere.
  • R programming language is becoming for GNU/Linux and Windows running method.
  • R is cross-platform, which works on each operating system.
  • In R programming, everyone is good to implement new packages, bug fixes, and code improvements.

Applications of R:  

  • Tech monsters like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Accenture are using R nowadays.
  • R is the common language. So that multiple data analysts and analysis programmers utilize it. 
  • R Programming is used by various quantitative programmers.

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