What Is The Android Operating System?

What Is The Android Operating System?

What is Android OS?

Android is a Linux-based operating system that is primarily built for touch-screen mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Starting with black and white phones and progressing to smartphones and tiny computers in the previous 15 years, the operating system has evolved significantly. Android is one of the most popular smartphone operating systems these days. Android is a piece of software that was created in 2003 in Palo Alto, California.

Android is a powerful operating system that supports a wide range of Smartphone applications. These applications are more user-friendly and advanced. The ARM architectural platform underpins the hardware that runs Android software. Android is an open-source operating system, which means it is available for free and can be used by anybody. Android offers millions of apps that may help you manage your life in one way or another, and it is accessible for a low price in the market, which is why it is so popular. To enhance your technical skills in Android Platform, join Android Training in Chennai at FITA Academy for the strong practical knowledge.

Android development supports the entire Java programming language. Other API and JSE packages aren’t supported either. The android development kit (SDK) was first released in 2008 with version 1.0, and the most recent update is jelly bean.

Linux Kernel

The Android platform runs on the powerful Linux kernel and is compatible with a wide range of hardware drivers. The kernel is the part of the operating system that handles software input and output requests. The kernel is responsible for essential system functions such as process management, memory management, and device management (camera, keyboard, display, and so on).

It is not essential to interface Linux to peripheral hardware because it is very adept at networking. The kernel does not directly interface with the user; instead, it interacts with the shell and other programs, as well as the system’s physical devices.


There are a number of libraries that run on top of a Linux kernel, including open-source web browsers like WebKit and the libc library. Audio and video can be played and recorded using these libraries. SQLite is a database that can be used to store and share data from applications. SSL libraries are in charge of internet security, among other things.

Android Runtime

The Dalvik Virtual Machine, a type of java virtual machine, is a key component of the Android runtime. It was created with Android in mind and is optimized for the platform. The Dalvik VM is the android operating system’s process virtual machine. It’s the software that allows Android smartphones to run apps.

Application Framework

Many higher-level services are provided by the application framework layer to applications, such as windows manager, view system, package manager, resource manager, and so on. These services are accessible for app developers to use in their projects. FITA Academy also offers the best Android Training in Coimbatore with the Placement Assistance.

Applications Of Android

At the top layer, you’ll discover all of the Android programs, and this is where you’ll write and install your own. Contacts, books, browsers, and services are examples of such applications. Each application serves a distinct purpose in the larger scheme of things.

Android Emulator

In the Android operating system, the Emulator is a new application. The emulator is a new prototype for developing and testing Android apps without the use of a physical device.

Except for phone calls, the android emulator has all of the hardware and software features of a mobile device. It has a number of navigation and control keys to choose from. It also has a screen where you can show off your software. The android virtual device configurations are used by the emulators. Once installed, your app can use the android platform’s services to assist other apps, connect to the internet, play audio and video, and store and retrieve data.


As a result, you should be familiar with some of the uses of Android operating system. Join FITA Academy’s Android Online Course if you want to learn more about the Android Platform in depth. It will help you expand your technical abilities.