Services offered by Amazon

Services offered by Amazon

Database Services of Amazon

The database service of Amazon offers both relational databases and non-relational databases. Amazon RDS, Amazon Red shift, Amazon dynamo DB, Amazon elasticache, and Amazon Neptune are some of the databases from the American corporation Amazon. The web services provided by Amazon include compute, storage, database, analytics, and application and deployment services. Learning Amazon is a better way to highlight your bio-data to the big crowd of employers which created a huge demand for AWS Training in Chennai. Let me see some of the databases on Amazon, which provides the best service for data analysis, business intelligence and data warehousing.

Amazon Athena

Amazon S3 uses the standard SQL query to analyses the data. This service runs with the help of Amazon S3 without a server. It helps in the database management with SQL query. The results are delivered within a very short span of time. Under ETL where it is a complex process of preparing the data for the data analysis, but here in Amazon Athena, the complex analysis has been done with a very short span of time. It is easy to create a dashboard using Amazon Athena and Amazon quick sight. This is used for different products like CRM, ERP and big data analysis. Those who have experience in database administration and database development can learn Amazon Course in Chennai to integrate their knowledge with cloud computing.

Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR does the big data processing with the help of Hadoop framework that makes dynamically scalable for Amazon EC2. It is suitable for other frameworks like Apache spark, presto, and HBase in Amazon EMR. Amazon EMR is used for Amazon S3 and Amazon Dynamo DB database. There are so many training institutes in Chennai offering the course, but the Best AWS Training in Chennai train the students with all the latest techniques in the data storage and data analysis.

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is the centralized access to the database to analyze the data using your business intelligence tools. Amazon redshift gives high performance with datasets ranging from a hundred gigabytes to an exabyte or more. It follows a process called massively parallel processing{MPP}. MPP is the architecture of parallelizing and distributing the SQL query and use all the resources for the business intelligence.

AWS glue

AWS glue does the ETL process of extract, transform and load. AWS glue is designed to do the ETL job without a server, segregate the customer data, and protect customer data in transit and at rest, access customer data and customer credentials for the data processing. The different services of Amazon for the applications and database are well understood after the AWS Certification in Chennai.

Amazon database reduces the administrative responsibility with reasonable cost. If you have your own database then you need a tool to manage the database. The load, security, and licensing problems are eliminated by using the Amazon database. The current database license can be used in the Amazon. Resizing the database is a difficult task without Amazon. AWS pipeline helps to move the data between different storage services. The different specifications available in the Amazon are tailored to the complex business solutions.

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