Salesforce Introduction

Salesforce Introduction


Salesforce is a popular cloud based customer relationship management (CRM) software that enables organizations to build and deliver services in a more creative and efficient way. With the help of Salesforce CRM your sales services, marketing, customer services, and interaction with the customers can be managed in one place. Recently salesforce introduced Sales Force Automation (SFA) system; the main purpose of SFA is to maximize the efficiency of the recurrent processes. Commonly CRM is used to manage the relationship between any organization and their customer and SFA is used to derive the efficiency of the sales process.

Intended Audience

Identifying the target audience is the primary activity which a business person should handle irrespective of his business size. However, if the business owner gets more insight about his target audience, it will further help him to enhance and improve his business strategies.

Salesforce has introduced user platform interface programming tools which make you to understand better on how to build Customer’s websites. Html and Java script are the key skill set which are the considered as the pre-requisite for understanding more about Salesforce technology. However, this is a growing technology where anyone skilled in Salesforce can get job easily and quickly when compared with other technologies like Java, php, dot net etc. If you are a fresher or a skilled developer, you can still begin your career with Salesforce by learning the features offered by platform. To be a master in Salesforce technology we recommend you to learn it from the best Salesforce Training in Chennai.

Choosing Your Development Environment

If you are a new user then Salesforce demands you to create a new user account for developing any applications in it. If you are an existing customer then you can develop any application using Salesforce sandbox. A sand box is nothing but a replica of your business that can be used for difficult configurations and for training users without conciliating the data in your organization. If you’re new to or if you don’t want to use a sandbox, sign up for a free Developer version account. Developer version is a fully-functionalversion of using which an individual can build advanced Salesforce apps. By creating a user account, you will automatically become a member of growing community of platform developers around the world. The platform is the world’s primary service provider of PAAS – Platform as a Service, allowing developers to build and deliver any type of business application on the cloud, fully on-demand and completely exclusive of software.

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