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Features of PHP 7.2

The acronym for PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is worldwide open source software. It is a scripting language for the servers. PHP is used to create quick websites. PHP is used to create static and dynamic web pages. PHP filename is saving like .php. First, you should learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX these are […]

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Interesting facts for Learning German Language

West Germanic people are speaking the German language. Most of the European people are spoken, German. This language has more literature. Also, it is easy to learn. The German Language literature is very interesting and it is good to learn. Most of the poets, novels, and books are written in the German Language. This language […]

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Top Web Designing Tools and Techniques

Web designing is used to build the powerful and effective web pages. Web Designing is a combination of the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It has more versions and frameworks for developing web pages. Photoshop is a basis for designing the web pages. HTML is used to design the static web pages. CSS is used to […]

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Difference between functionality based testing and performance based testing

The functionality testing is about correcting the functions if they are wrong, understand the user side problems, track the error, and support the agile development processes. Join the Loadrunner Training in Chennai to get the dream job in Chennai. Performance testing is used to reduce the cost, workflow, load management, and visualization. Functionality testing is […]

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Overview of Selenium Tool and Techniques

Selenium is the best software testing open-source automation testing tool. Selenium tool is an Apache 2.0 Licensed. This blog will deeply explain the Overview of Selenium Tool and Techniques. Selenium tool is one of the best automation testing tools forever. Nowadays, selenium is the best testing tool for all web applications. It supports the different […]

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How Salesforce enhances the sales in the service industry?

Self-service portals consist of articles which educate the customers about the product along with the forum discussion to know what the customer know about the product and what they expect from the producers. If there is an unanswered question then the customer experience goes down. The self-service portals are the traditional way of interacting with […]

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